Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

Vertical Plate Freezer

Freezertech VPF Key Facts

Vertical Plate Freezers in Factory

2 Year Warranty

A product which has over 60 years of development history always has one thing – Proven reliability.

Every Freezertech plate freezer is backed up with a comprehensive 2 year warranty plus all our freezing plates and headers are backed up with an extended 5 year guarantee for total peace of mind

VPF Freezing Salmon

Engineered for Capacity

Freezertech Plate Freezers are proven on a regular basis to be faster and more efficient than our competitors

In depth knowledge of all aspects of refrigeration allow us to carefully calculate every part of the plate freezer to ensure the best possible freezing times

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VPF Features

Adjustable Plate Spacers

Adjustable Construction

Built with adjustable front spacers – ensuring maximum product tightness throughout the life of the freezer.

The front spacers are of food safe UHMW PE & Stainless Steel for a low friction, easy release surface during product ejection

All lifting arm covers (UHMW or Aluminium) are dual-pinned to prevent any contraction when freezing, to further help prevent against losses.

VPF High Visibility Plastics

High Visbility Plastics

All plastics are approved for food contact, and are made from high visibility UHMW & HD Polyethylene.

Generous 20mm low friction wear strips are provided for the plates, for long life and insulation against the cold plates.

End plates are spaced from the frame to prevent excess ice build up during freezing and proper drainage during defrost.

VPF High Capacity Plates

High Capacity Plates

Made out of sea water resistant Aluminium, approved for human food contact – the Freezertech plates use a strong, heavy wall 19mm extrusion for increased life & high freezing capacity

Alloy Hose Connectors

Leak-free Hose Joints

Special anodized Aluminium hose connections into the plate ensure a completely leak free service life.

The hose features a male connection into the plate (which then cannot unscrew in operation), and uses a circumferential O-ring which does not rely on compression to seal; unlike tapered thread or gasket designs.

Anodized Aluminium fittings prevent any galvanic corrosion of the sealing face in marine environments, and with a backup O-ring protecting the main sealing face, you can be sure of dependable production.

All the hoses feature spiral-convoluted PTFE inner hose, for maximum flexibility, covered with a 304L Stainless Steel braid, and an optional crimped Silicone sleeve on the outside – which prevents ice build up potentially damaging the hose, and maintains a hygienic cleaning solution.

All plates are fitted with Helicoil’s from new to prevent any thread damage during service.

What our customers have to say

Morning Kyle,

I am just writing to say thank you for the recent installation at our plant, and to let you know the results now we are in full production:

  • We are freezing our MSM Salmon products in 95 minutes now, which is less than predicted, and a lot shorter again from our old freezers!
  • Whitefish product is also freezing in 65 minutes, which is 20 minutes less than predicted!

The new automatic defrost system you also installed is working perfectly, we are defrosting in under 2 minutes and the fish blocks are perfectly solid when released from the plates, no soft spots and we can immediately handle them without waiting!

Paul Garnett – BHJ UK Seafood

New VPF freezing White-fish 65mins
Old Freezers (equivalent block thickness) 96mins
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Vertical Plate Freezer Options

VPF Extended Lift Cleaning

Extended Lift Cleaning

As an optional extra, extended cylinder stroke can be supplied to enable the lifting arms to be brought out of the freezing during cleaning cycles – allowing easy unobstructed access to the bottom of the arms.

The arms are located in place still via small plastic guides to minimise the time spent going back into production.

The freezers are further raised by another 160mm from the floor to allow for easier cleaning underneath the framework.

VPF Extended Lift Cleaning
VPF Silicone PTFE Hoses

Silicone Covered Hoses

Constructed of a PTFE hose + Stainless steel braid, with a Silicone cover directly moulded into the braid.

  • Increased hygiene / cleaning ability
  • Increased resistance to ice build up damaging the hoses
  • Maintains flexibility & kink resistance even when covered in ice.

Read more on our hose construction

VPF Block Divider

Block Dividers

For multiple block configurations, block dividers can easily be fitted on all machines, and locate in a groove within the top of the freezing plate.

Available in:

  • HDPE Blue Plastic
  • UHMW Metal Detectable Blue Plastic
  • PTFE Coated Aluminium
VPF Splash Guards

Splash Guards / Covers & Stainless Construction

Multiple additional finishing options are available on all Vertical models, such as high visibility HDPE splash guards, and Stainless Steel construction.

All freezers come with a Stainless Steel back guard, front beam & side panels as standard.

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"Russian Block" Vertical Plate Freezer

Specifically designed with our Russian fishing fleet, this Vertical Plate Freezer features horizontal block dividers to allow for a Russian standard 800 x 250 x 65mm block size to be used, without the blocks being frozen vertically, which can make it dangerous to unload in rough weather.

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