Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity


Vertical Plate Freezer VTD

Vertical Plate Freezer

Our VPFs are typically used for the bulk freezing of ground products (MSM, Fish, Pet food etc.) and is a fast & easy way to form frozen food blocks with minimal handling. The product can be poured or pumped directly into the freezer. Fast and convenient loading & unloading make the VPF a popular choice for high production environments.

Horizontal Plate Freezer

Horizontal Plate Freezer

Our HPFs are normally used for the bulk freezing of higher value products (Fish fillets, Shrimp, Roe etc.) and represent a more space efficient method of freezing than VPF’s so are extremely popular on board fishing boats or in smaller space-constrained land applications. A Stainless Steel framework as a standard makes the HPF perfect for high hygiene applications.

Vertical Flat Top Plate Freezer

Vertical Flat Top Freezer

VFT’s are a modified style of Vertical plate freezer with a “flat top” which offers greater hygiene, stronger design and importantly is ready for complete automatic unloading by way of a special crane system that does not require human intervention. They can be loaded and unloaded by hand still, making them ideal for companies which want to invest in automation at a later date.


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