Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

Vertical Flat Top

Freezertech VFT Key Facts

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2 Year Warranty

A product which has over 60 years of development history always has one thing – Proven reliability.

Every Freezertech plate freezer is backed up with a comprehensive 2 year warranty plus all our freezing plates and headers are backed up with an extended 5 year guarantee for total peace of mind

VPF Freezing Salmon

Engineered for Capacity

Freezertech Plate Freezers are proven on a regular basis to be faster and more efficient than our competitors

In depth knowledge of all aspects of refrigeration allow us to carefully calculate every part of the plate freezer to ensure the best possible freezing times

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Vertical Flat Top Features

Flat Top Freezer

Flat Top

Completely flat working area compared to the regular model Vertical Plate freezer allows for easy, unobstructed access from both sides of the freezer, as well as for fully automatic unloading via a crane system.

Heavy duty Stainless splash guards front and back allow for easier cleaning and operator protection.

The hoses are contained within the footprint of the freezer, reducing any liability of damage.

High Visibility Plastics 2

High Visbility Plastics

All plastics are approved for food contact, and are made from high visibility Acetal & HD Polyethylene.

Wear strips are “Plastic on Plastic” for both the plates and lifting arms, for the smoothest possible operation and reliability for years to come.

End plates are spaced from the frame to prevent excess ice build up during freezing and proper drainage during defrost.

Fixed Block Dividers

High capacity plates with fixed block dividers

Made out of sea water resistant Aluminium, approved for human food contact – the Freezertech plates use a strong, heavy wall 19mm extrusion for increased life & high freezing capacity.

The “Flat Top” freezer has the added benefit of allowing the block dividers to be fixed & welded into the freezing plates, ensuring more accurate blocks, as well as reducing handling labour & turn around times in production.

VFT Hose Joints

Leak-free Hose Joints

Special hose adaptors into the plates ensure a leak free service life.

The plate connector uses a circumferential O-ring which does not rely on compression to seal; unlike tapered thread or gasket designs.  A backup O-ring protects the main sealing face, so you can be sure of dependable production.

All the hoses feature smooth-bore PTFE inner hose, for maximum flexibility, covered with a 304L Stainless Steel braid, and an optional crimped Silicone sleeve on the outside – which prevents ice build up potentially damaging the hose, and maintains a hygienic cleaning solution.

All plates are fitted with Helicoil’s from new to prevent any thread damage during service.

Hybrid Frame

Hybrid Frame

The Freezertech Flat Top plate freezer features a Stainless / Galvanized hybrid frame to obtain the best balance between strength and hygiene.

The main framework is constructed entirely out of 304L Stainless Steel, whilst the lifting arms & ejection frame are from high strength steel, hot dip Galvanized for corrosion protection.

Since the lifting arms are completely below the plates, cleaning has never been easier

VFT Integral Cylinders

Integral Hydraulics

All the hydraulics, including the Stainless Steel cylinders are located within the main framework which helps prevent any possible damage.

Selectively placed side covers allow for damage protection, but still easy access for hygiene and cleaning.

Flat Top Plate Freezer Options

VFT Hoses

Silicone Covered Hoses

Constructed of a PTFE hose + Stainless steel braid, with a clear Silicone cover directly moulded into the braid.

  • Increased hygiene / cleaning ability
  • Increased resistance to ice build up damaging the hoses
  • Maintains flexibility & kink resistance even when covered in ice.

Read more on our hose construction


Integral Pusher

An optional hydraulic pusher unit can be supplied, with 2 variations – either a “full push” to push onto a conveyor, or a “half push” for allowing operators easier access to the blocks for unloading in the case of freezers using block dividers.

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