Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

High Pressure Horizontal Plate Freezer

In response to increased customer demand for high hygiene applications, late last year we introduced a Stainless Steel “High Pressure” Horizontal Plate Freezer for Fish Fillet block freezing applications.

Although the High Pressure models have been around for some time, these have always been manufactured Galvanized channel section in the past, and many processors are now requiring Stainless Steel frames for better hygiene and longer life.

The first freezers where installed last year, and our customer has already placed a repeat order for more, plus another high pressure HPF has just been shipped out to a local fish processor in Grimsby, UK.

The freezers feature a heavy duty Stainless Steel box section frame, complimented by large Stainless Steel twin hydraulic cylinders.   The “right way up” design of the rams as always gives not only the correct downforce needed on the product, but always ensures enough force for opening the freezer when a defrost isn’t nessecarily available.

All the High Pressure Plate Freezers ordered so far have been for high grade fish fillet production, and have also featured our Silicone covered hoses for easy cleaning & protection.

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