Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

VPF Unloading Systems

In cooperation with our trusted partner companies, Freezertech can offer both semi and fully automatic loading and unloading solutions for all Vertical Plate Freezers.

All automation and handling equipment is specifically designed to help prevent operator fatigue and reduce costs from product damage and operator injury during product handling.

VPF Unloading Systems

Standard VPF’s can benefit from a semi-automatic crane system (operator guided onto freezer), which can then move the blocks onto a semi or fully automatic palletising system, either pusher or robot arm style.

Robot arm palletising can feature a “twin rack” unload system, so the next batch can be unloaded from the crane whilst an earlier batch is still being palletised, ensuring continuous production and maximum return on investment.

Vertical Flat Top Plate Freezer

Freezertech Flat Top vertical plate freezers can utilise the same system as standard VPF’s, or they can benefit from a fully automatic crane system for unloading.

The same system can then be used to automate or assist in the loading of the freezers, allowing for a 100% automatic system.

Alternatively VFT freezers can be equipped with a hydraulic discharge pusher, to discharge frozen blocks onto a conveyor or simply bring them closer to the operator to allow easier manual unloading.

VBD Unloading

Freezertech Bottom Discharge vertical plate freezers feature a built-in unloading system, with a pusher unloading the blocks directly onto a movable table or conveyor system to quickly discharge the entire batch load, allowing rapid refilling of the freezer for the next freezing cycle.

Bottom Discharge freezers separate the loading and unloading functions of the machine from the operators, so the loading takes place higher up on walkways, whilst the unloading is below.

The VBD is ideal for small to medium size producers, looking to automate their facility without the typical expensive on-site construction associated with crane style systems. It is also of interest to producers where health and safety or roof height may not allow for an overhead crane.

Palletising Food Blocks

Fork Truck operated crane systems enable existing installations to quickly change to an assisted loading method where normally it may not be possible to install an overhead crane (e.g. due to freezer arrangement or other site constraints). The fork truck operated crane can then discharge the blocks onto a semi or fully automatic palletiser.

For an easy to install palletising option without the need for manual labour, the crane can discharge into a tipping jig, which conveniently separates the blocks into small batches that can be picked up by the same fork truck and palletised, removing the need for any manual handling without requiring the expense of full automation.

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