Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

The better way to save energy

Intelligent control of your production process.

Reliable freezing – Fast defrosting

Easy to learn controls

Complete Freezing Control

Freezertech controllers marry up perfectly with our clever valve station designs to provide high capacity freezing with the highest energy efficiency.

These important control units are designed to safely and efficiently regulate all the refrigerant valves required to operate a plate freezer.

Perfect Defrosting

With little clever thinking, the Freezertech controller & valve station was designed to handle defrosting the most challenging of products in Vertical Plate Freezers.

Using the highest possible capacity at the lowest possible temperature, the Freezertech controller ensures a fast and safe defrost every single time.

The blocks are ejected only when ready, and over or under defrosting becomes a thing of the past.

No over-defrosting the food blocks

Still fully defrosts all the headers & hoses

Designed for the toughest environments

Siemens PLC & HMI panels are chosen for their proven reliability & ease of use, combined with a Stainless Steel panel body for the best corrosion resistance & hygiene makes the Freezertech controller a dependable performer in even harsh marine situations.

A split design option moves the controller & relays away from the process area and into the electrical room or near to the valves, leaving just a thin-panel control station in the process area for further reliability.

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