Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

Made to measure.

Experience, passion (and a lot of math) go into every freezing plate designed by Freezertech.

We have the facilities to provide a complete freezing plate design service for any application, recent projects have included designs for Ice Machines, Crusting Machines and of course, Plate Freezers.

On of the key things we are able to offer our customers is the facility to give their older freezers a new lease of life by providing refurbishment packages in various forms, commonly a new set of freezing plates, hoses and headers.

No matter what the original freezer is, we have the capabilities to design a plate to fit, and ours are very often found to improve the freezing performance compared to the original plates.

One of our largest markets is for replacing the plates in Kvaerner freezers with our modern aluminium extruded ones. We have specific designs for adapting our plates to the original frameworks and quite often we can increase the amount of stations in the freezers too, for even higher capacity production.

We can also provide complete refurbishment packages for all Jackstone and Amerio automatic plate freezers (APF), our designs not only replace the originals, but take into account all the development work that we have encountered and improve on the strength, reliability and performance of the freezers.

Previous jobs include…

Jackstone APF Plates

Kvaerner Freezing Plates

Samifi VPF Plates

Gram Spare Plates

Carefully Calculated

Freezertech utilise the latest calculations and modelling to carefully evaluate each and every bespoke plate.

Combined with our onsite practical experience in installations, we can typically offer higher capacities than our competitors and predictable results even with one-off designs.

Wet Return or DX is not a problem – we regularly successfully deliver one-off custom plates for “contact belt freezers” to our various partners in sizes ranging up to 12 x 2m

Exquisite welds

Aluminium welding is known for its difficulty yet every Freezertech plate welder combines years of experience with the best equipment in order to deliver high quality welded Aluminium freezing plates every time.

TIG processes are used throughout the manufacture, both by machine & by hand, in order to deliver the utmost quality freezing plates with both strength and hygiene in mind.

Sea Water Resistant

Backed up by decades of proof – the Freezertech is tough & long lasting, even in the harsh salt water environments presented by fishing trawler applications.

A large proportion of our custom freezing plate work involves replacing our competitor’s plates which have corroded prematurely from not using the best alloy for marine application.

Another range of our work features replacing plates on freezers from companies who no longer supply plates, such as Kvaerner plate freezers. Here, by replacing the plates and other items, our customers get a fully refurbished freezer without the downtime and expense of installing completely new freezers.

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