Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

Carsoe acquires Freezertech

With the acquisition of Freezertech (UK), Carsoe is expanding the product portfolio for the food processing industry. Freezertech is a specialist in producing high quality plate freezers, with focus on efficiency and reliability.

With a growing global food production there’s a continued increase in demand for freezing capacity with a degree of automation and high-quality control.

Freezertech has the unique market position of being able to tightly integrate plate freezers with refrigeration systems in order to improve food manufacturers product quality and reduce capital investment through shorter freezing times. Carsoe’s extensive experience of providing turn key solutions combined with the Freezertech range will allow the company to offer solutions with the lowest labor requirements and running costs.

“Using Freezertech’s background and technical expertise, we have already together developed excellent automatic freezing solutions with very positive response from our customers, so we are excited to bring in the Freezertech management team and welcome the company to the Carsoe portfolio. They are an excellent fit with our investment strategy given their leading market positions and long-standing customer relationships”, said Managing Director Mikkel Jacobsen.

“This deal represents an excellent opportunity to provide us with the ability to grow our company at a pace that would not be otherwise achievable” said Freezertech Director Kyle Bennett.

“The investment from Carsoe will expand our manufacturing and operations footprint to include a new 5500m² larger production site and capacity for 350 freezers per year. Together, we are dedicated to maintaining and increasing the quality of innovation, support, and service that customers have come to expect from both our companies. We will continue to focus on cost efficiency, and simplicity. For our respective partners, you can expect to see increased market opportunities through an expanded set of solutions, programs and services” Continued Kyle.

As part of the new strategy for growth, Carsoe now welcomes Magnus Fossheim into the role of business manager.

“Having worked for other plate freezer companies before, I feel that Carsoe offers an exciting new challenge and a huge potential for growth as we can merge the existing skills and experience of both companies to offer turnkey solutions that benefits our customers with a level of comprehensiveness not currently available on the market – I believe the future looks very positive for us all”

Magnus and Kyle will now both be the customer facing side of Freezertech and Carsoe, combining years of experience in both turnkey solutions and product development.

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Magnus Fossheim │ Business Manager Freezing Solutions
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Kyle Bennett │ Freezertech Director
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Mikkel Jacobsen | Managing Director (Carsoe Group)
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