Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

Refrigerant Control

Highest possible capacity, at the lowest possible temperature


Freezertech High Capacity

Under-sized Suction Valves

Leads to increased pressure drop in the lines = higher temperature in the plates

Correctly sized Valves & Hoses

Lowest possible pressure drop in suction line, especially important at cycle start where the capacity is highest

Too much refrigerant overfeed

Leads to increased pressure drop in the lines = higher temperature in the plates. Any excess liquid must be lifted back to the receiver and this costs energy

Lower Overfeed Rates

Carefully calculated to prevent excess refrigerant feed and maintain fastest possible freezing times.

Pressure relief defrost control

Low capacity = longer defrost times, and higher heat input into the product. Works on pressure only, so can waste hot gas = wasted energy & money

Soft spots (defrosted edges) affect product value and enable damage during handling

High Capacity Defrost

Shortest possible defrost times, with maximum pressure differential. Increased production & lower heat input into the product = higher product value. Correct draining ensures no wasted hot gas & higher plant efficiency.

Since the blocks edges are frozen solid upon ejection, handling damage is less likely to occur.

Raising condensing pressure during defrost

To try and make up for under sized lines = wasted energy & higher heat input into the product.

Lowers condensing pressure during defrost

Saves energy whilst defrosting through a lower condensing pressure (approx 1% saving for every 1 °C)

Liquid Hammer from incorrect piping

Can damage / destroy valves & hoses. Can extend defrost times

No liquid hammer

“Soft Start” defrost and draining allows for a high capacity, without any risk of damage from liquid hammer.

Visual Inspection Only

Leads to over freezing & over defrosting. Wastes energy and can damage product. Not defrosting properly can damage lifting arms & plates

Intelligent Control

Temperature sensors ensure a defrost is carried out properly before allowing hydraulic operation. Sensors are available to monitor the temperature of the product throughout the cycle also.

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