Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

2008 - Founded

Our managing director Steve Cole, formed Freezertech in order to continue offering high quality plate freezers with the skills learnt from his time working at Jackstone Froster for over 30 years.

The initial thing we did was not only show our willingness to help our customers no matter what the situation, but we also sat down and listened to them – most of our model range now has been designed around one simple question – What do you want?

2009 - First large VPF Installation

In 2009 against tough competition we received our first large VPF installation here in the UK at the Leo Group.   The Leo Group choose Freezertech for our proven design & flexibility when working – we provided a custom solution which was easier to clean and featured all Stainless Steel framework for maximum hygiene.

Freezertech VPF

2011 - Factory Expansion

Filling the new factory from the year before happened quicker than we ever imagined, and a year later we had doubled our factory size by taking over an additional building next door.

The new space has allowed us to have a dedicated assembly area & provides room for later capital investments in production machinery.

2012 - Stainless Steel Horizontal Plate Freezer

Throughout 2011 and into 2012 we worked closely with our key customers and developed our standard HPF model into the full Stainless Steel model that is produced today.

Of course, continual small improvements are still carried out as time goes by to ensure the best product quality and customer satisfaction.

Horizontal Plate Freezer

2013 - CNC Milling Machine

With an ever increasing order book of customers wanting the highest quality plate freezers, we invesed in a large CNC milling machine to help increase accuracy and reduce costs.

Bringing a substantial amount of previously outsourced work in house also allows us to maintain complete control over the production process and help ensure product excellence.

CNC Machining Hose Fittings

2014 - New CNC Lathe

To compliment our CNC Milling Machine, in 2013 we also invested in a CNC turning centre complete with automatic bar feed facility to cater for all of our fittings & hydraulic component work.

CNC Hydraulic Cylinder Piston

2014 - Large Stainless Steel Vertical Flat Top Order

In 2014 we also won a large order of 30 Stainless Vertical Flat Top plate freezers.

Like so many other orders of ours, Freezertech offered a combination of experience and quality, as well as a willingness to listen to our customer’s ideas and helped them implement their vision of how their factories should work.

The project was unique by featuring fully automatic loading & unloading of the plate freezers.

Vertical Flat Top

2015 - Hose Production Workshop

To further increase our quality and to help ensure a quick and efficient delivery, in 2015 we invested in a dedicated PTFE hose production area.

Along with this we worked specifically with our raw materials supplier to develop a Silicone covered PTFE hose that was designed specifically for plate freezers.

Plate Freezer Hose Crimping

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