Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

About Us

Born out of over 30 years of plate freezer design and manufacturing experience, Freezertech has quicken risen to be a leading manufacturer in the world wide plate freezer market.

With over 60 years of history on hand and on average 20 years of experience from each senior staff member, Freezertech have quickly become known as a world class supplier of high quality, reliable plate freezers.

The company was formed in 2008 by Steve Cole as an independent supplier of spares for all APV /  Jackstone Froster plate freezers, having spent over 30 years previously working for the company, starting from a plate welding apprentice, to becoming production director.

Since then, Freezertech has shown strong and consistent growth every year and has quickly established itself as not only an APV / Jackstone plate freezer spares company, but a dependable worldwide leader in producing high quality new horizontal and vertical freezers.

One of the key aspects of our rapid growth and success is our ability to work closely with our customers on an individual basis – we realise that our customers don’t need an off the shelf solution, but a product that’s specifically engineered our their specific needs.

We listen to every customers needs and requirements, and then build our freezers around them.

This ability to listen and respond has lead to a wide range of improvements across our range as certain features and ideas can be transferred to other models which benefit from them.

A substantial part of our success has come from a policy to ensure 110% satisfaction from every customer, no matter what the situation.

Each machine is hand built to the highest standards, and each one subject to a multi- point inspection before dispatch, personally signed off by our managing director.

Our commitment to quality has lead Freezertech into becoming a world renowned expert in Plate Freezing technology.

A flexible, dedicated workforce, helps make sure every freezer is built in the fastest possible time scales without compromising our quality.  It is this flexibility which helps us secure time critical orders which our competitors often cannot meet.

When every new apprentice starts at Freezertech, it is not just a case of teaching them their specialist area – we make sure they understand the job as a whole.  Each one gets experience in every aspect of the job, from welding, fitting and building the machines, to office work and customer relations.  This ensures that everyone works well together by understanding what they each have to do with personal experience.

Our customers come first, and we will always do everything within our power to ensure they receive the best possible product and service

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