Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

The first hose actually designed for plate freezers


  • Antistatic PTFE inner core, smoothbore internal for the utmost flow characteristics & sealing.
  • Convoluted outer for maximum flexibility
  • Tighter Stainless Steel outer braid for best protection
  • Outer Silicone moulded cover for unsurpassed hygiene & cleaning

Plate Freezer Hose Production

The traditional problem with PTFE has always been that sizes over ¼” become less flexible and easy kinked & broken during movement.   The typical solution is to use conventionally convoluted PTFE liners, but the inner convolutions make the hose difficult to assemble (harder to seal) and reduces flow rates due to more turbulent flow, which means energy loss and higher temperatures in plate freezers.

The Freezertech hose features a unique internally smooth PTFE liner, with external convolutions to retain flexibility in larger sizes such as the ½” and ¾” typically used in plate freezer systems.

As part of our commitment to fast production & highest possible quality – not only is all our raw hose material fully manufactured locally in the UK, but all our hoses are assembled, crimped & individually gas tested here at Freezertech.

Fittings Designed for Plate Freezers


All our plate freezers feature plate connections specifically designed for use in refrigeration & plate freezers, with double O-ring seals & the tightest of tolerances to ensure reliable operation

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