Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity

CNC Milling

Freezertech is equipped with Haas CNC equipment which has proven to be reliable, dependable and accurate for all our machining needs.

Not only do our parts get machined on here, but a substantial application has been the development of better fabrication and assembly fixtures for faster and more accurate results across the range of manufacturing we carry out.

CNC Turning

A Haas ST30 serves all our turning needs, equipped with a bar feeder and tool probe for continuous unattended operation.

Our lathe is dedicated to batch production of all our hose fittings, hydraulic parts and spacers.


Our skilled fabricator / welding team has a wealth of experience we combine into every single plate freezer – from Aluminium welding, through to Mild and Stainless Steel welding.

Modern accurately CNC machined jigs allow us to fabricate items consistently of a high quality nature.

We regularly utilise laser and waterjet cutting for mounting plates & sheet metal work, consistently ensuring a perfect fit.

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