Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity
Plate Freezers - Engineered for Capacity


Carsoe acquires Freezertech

With the acquisition of Freezertech (UK), Carsoe is expanding the product portfolio for the food processing industry. Freezertech is a specialist in producing high quality plate freezers, with focus on efficiency and reliability. With a growing global food production there‚Äôs a continued increase in demand for freezing capacity with a degree of automation and high-quality […] Read more

High Pressure Horizontal Plate Freezer

In response to increased customer demand for high hygiene applications, late last year we introduced a Stainless Steel "High Pressure" Horizontal Plate Freezer for Fish Fillet block freezing applications. Although the High Pressure models have been around for some time, these have always been manufactured Galvanized channel section in the past, and many processors are [...]

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